POWER-Kits™for Freund’s Adjuvant

Perfect Emulsions Every Time Affordable for Everybody

Revolutionary Technology

Our unique technology (patent pending) has revolutionized the process of making Freund’s Adjuvant emulsions (incomplete or complete) containing the antigen of your choice. It also works with Montanide™ and other oil adjuvants to prepare water-in-oil emulsions.

With the MedTech device POWER (Perfect Oil in Water Emulsion Receptacle) and a homogenizer, it is possible to introduce a global standardization process. This will ensure high-quality emulsions for research and the veterinary sector.

Reproducible high-quality emulsions are essential for generating reliable and consistent results.

Malin Hultqvist, CEO, Redoxis

Reproducible high quality emulsions are essential for generating reliable and consistent results.

Malin Hultqvist, CEO, Redoxis
Produce perfect emulsions with Freund's Adjuvant

More advantages with



Prepare 2-8 ml of emulsion with your adjuvant and antigen of choice.


Compared with the 2-syringe method, break-even after 310 immunisations.


Prepare 3 different emulsions in 10 minutes.


Easy to learn and little “hands-on” time.


No risk of accidental exposure or Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI).

Minimal Waste

No more doubling of the amount needed, as with the 2-syringe method.

Produce Perfect Emulsions

Here we describe how to produce a perfect emulsion, using POWER-Kits™ and Bertin’s MiniLys Homogenizer. One can produce 3 different emulsions in about 10 minutes. Watch the video or read how the emulsions should be prepared.

Follow these steps on how to prepare perfect emulsions.
  1. Put the receptacle and all necessary reagents to be used in ice
  2. Add PBS, antigen and other aqueous based solutions to the receptacle
  3. Lastly add the adjuvant (Freund’s, Montanide , etc.)
  4. Tighten the lid firmly
  5. Shake the receptacle for 5 seconds by hand
  6. Place it in the MiniLys Homogenizer and secure it with the rod
  7. Set time to 60 seconds and choose the highest speed
  8. Push start
  9. When complete, place the receptacle on ice and cover it completely
  10. After 3 minutes, repeat shaking for another 60 seconds on the highest setting
  11. Centrifuge the receptacle for 1 minute at 300g to recover all the emulsion
  12. Remove the lid and insert the plunger
  13. Push it down so that it just touches the top of the emulsion
  14. Tear off the twist-off piece at the bottom of the receptacle
  15. Remove the green plunger (if using Braun’s Injekt®-F Solo syringes) from the 1ml syringe and save for later use
  16. Lock in the back end of the syringe barrel to the receptacle with a short twist
  17. Push the plunger into the receptacle until the emulsion reaches the 0,15ml mark on the syringe-barrel
  18. Remove the syringe barrel from the receptacle and attach a needle (we recommend a 25G x 16mm (⅝”) hypodermic needle for mice)
  19. Take the green plunger and slowly insert it into the syringe barrel, making sure no air is trapped
  20. Push the plunger in further until the emulsion comes out of the needle
  21. Continue until all the syringes are filled with the emulsion

Direct Cost for the EAE model

The cost of POWER-KitsTM decreases with the number of immunisations. After 300 immunisations, it will be cheaper compared with the 2-syringe method, due to thatthere is hardly any loss of emulsion during the preparative stage.