BTB Emulsions

Thomas Bäckström has extensive experience working with emulsions and animal models. As a Principle Investigator, running a laboratory with staff, Ph.D. students and Post-Doctoral fellows, Thomas grew frustrated with the failure of experiments due to poor quality emulsions. He saw the need for a quality-controlled emulsion that could be produced independently of the researcher.

Therefore, he started his own company, BTB Emulsions, and developed a device and method that enabled the production of quality emulsions. The Perfect Oil in Water Emulsion Receptacle (POWER) device together with a homogenizer can replace the 2-syringe method to generate perfect emulsions, every time.

Business Model

POWER-Kit™ is a technical solution for making emulsions that addresses three potentially large markets.

Identify disease-specific treatments

using pre-clinical disease models in the search for new innovative treatments

Ensure animal health and protection

against infectious diseases

Protect humans against infectious diseases

and as cancer immuno-therapeutics

Our business model is to sell POWER-Kit™ to all three target markets, starting with the pre-clinical research and veterinary markets. These markets have shorter lead-time since MedTech devices do not require any regulatory approval before entering these markets. We are currently developing a business and marketing plan to be able to launch POWER-Kit™ for the human market, considering requirements for CE marking and other regulatory compliances.

Founder of BTB Emulsions

Thomas Bäckström, PhD

CEO and founder of BTB Emulsions Scientific Publications

BTB Emulsions AB is a Swedish SME, established in 2016 as a daughter company of BTB Pharma AB. BTB Pharma has developed a biomedical platform that is based on fundamental research within the area of autoimmune diseases. Its platform technology is used to treat or even cure autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Type I Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and maybe even Allergy.

BTB Emulsions was formed to aid BTB Pharma. The inhibitory components produced by BTB Pharma must be delivered as an emulsion to have their effects. A medical device and a method were, therefore, developed to prepare emulsions.


The company has developed a device and method that generates perfect emulsions, supporting BTB Pharma’s development of treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer immunotherapies.

The purpose of BTB Emulsions’ technology is to accelerate the development of innovative treatments of autoimmune diseases


BTB Emulsions’ vision is to accelerate innovative health and wellness solutions globally. Together with BTB Pharma, we strive to develop new treatments and technologies to stop the ONSET of autoimmune diseases and cancers.


Our mission is to provide the best emulsions for the research, animal health and biopharmaceutical markets. With our MedTech device, POWER, we are determined to provide the best solution for generating medical emulsions. Our motto is: Perfect Emulsions Every Time, Affordable for Everybody.