Since shifting to using the POWER-kit™ for preparation of emulations, we have decreased variability due to people specific preparations. After introducing BTB Emulsions’ method and kits, our pre-clinical models are now more robust and standardised.

Nina Woodworth, COO, Redoxis, Lund, Sweden

We are using the MOG 35-55 and PLP 139-151 peptides to induce chronic and relapse-remitting EAE, respectively. For these experiments, the emulsions are prepared using BTB Emulsions method and POWER-Kits™. The emulsions formed are of high quality and we have a very high EAE induction rate. Overall we are very happy with BTB Emulsions products and we warmly recommend their method and POWER-Kits™.

Dr Iben Lundgaard, Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine, Lund University, Sweden.

The POWER-kit™ system has greatly improved the preparation of emulsions, by reducing the time and improving the consistency. Our lab is really impressed by the results and will continue to use the system for all our immunisations.

Professor Richard Williams, Kennedy Institute, Oxford, UK

Reproducible high quality emulsions are essential for generating reliable and consistent results.

Malin Hultqvist, CEO, Redoxis